Travelog Notes

Where have you been lately?

Travelog Notes helps you remember your trip

You can create as many trips as you want and switch between them at any time

When you visit a location you want to remember tap the Locate button 

Travelog Notes automatically determines your current location, date and time 

Share a map of your trip via email or messages

Add an optional description and photo to capture the moment

Photos can be added or removed and descriptions changed at anytime 

Photos taken with Travelog Notes are also available in Apple Photos

Your privacy is Important

Travelog Notes only retrieves location data when the App is open and you tap the Locate button

Your data is only stored on your device.  If you delete the app all your data is deleted. 

Automatic Maps

The Map button shows all of your trip locations

Normal and satellite view maps 


Share Maps of your trip

Multiple Trips

Single Tap Locate 

Optional Photos

No ads