Travelog Notes iOS Application Privacy Policy May 30, 2019

What type of data does Travelog Notes save?

Location, date and time, photos taken with the app and user entered text information

When is the data collected?

When you use Travelog Notes the application collects location and date and time information when you tap the locate button.  Travelog Notes never collects this information when the app is in the background or when it is not being used.

Where is the data stored?

The app only stores data on your device.  When you delete the app from your device all of the data is deleted.

3rd Party Services

When you tap the save button the app sends location information to the Apple servers to translate the GPS location data into easy to read address data that is stored in your app.  The app does not use any other 3rd party services.  

Shared Data

The app has an option for users to share a copy of the map screen and the location details screen. When this option is selected by the user, these screens can be sent to individuals selected by the user.  The user is solely responsible for deciding when to share these screens and who should receive them.